Beachy Keen

Hi guys! Recently I have been to the beach, and I have some tips to have fun, and for enjoying your vacations! Enjoy!

  • Make sure that if you jump big waves, have your back to the wave while you jump, so that the sea water won’t pinch you. If it is okay, go for it!
  • If you want to be safe, grab a boogie board and ride the waves.
  • If you want to get a good tan, make sure that you are partly in the shade, so that you won’t burn up.
  • Finally if you want to impress anybody, don’t  do a flip in the ocean water, it will upset your nose.

If you have any questions contact me with comments. Please make sure that is something about the beach. Thank you!

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The Hunger Headaches

I read The Hunger Games by Susan Collins. It was really good. I liked how the games represented the pain. This is a short version, because I have a long summary at the bottom.  

A good way, and an easy game way to cure away the headaches I sometimes get is to get some medicine and just chill out. 

So here goes the summary!

This about a future government that is ruled over by the most violent president , President Snow. He has created a show for everyone to see called the Hunger Games.  This reminds the people of how Snow destroyed The 13th part of the world.  Katniss Everdeen along with her sister is entered in a curial contest. Unfortunately, Katniss’s sister, Prim, was drawn from the bowl. To protect Prim, Katniss volunteered to enter in her place. The other person that has been entered in this nightmare, Peeta Mellark who secretly liked Katniss, were sent off to training, and to find their weapon. That is all that I will tell you about!  Recommend ages 10-45.

Enjoy your day and be glad your president isn’t Snow!



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Super Friends go to The Avengers

I love Marvel! I like Captain America; he is my favorite Avenger. It is a good movie. I went with one of my friends. It is PG-13. The PG part is that you need a parent. The 13 part is that if you are 13 you can go see it by yourself. That means if you are a teenager, you can see it without supervision. But I am a tween! That means I need a parent.

It was a good movie, we held our thumbs up (me and my best friend) on the scary scenes. After the movie , we talked about the movie, and we talked about about our favorite scenes. It was fun.

This the only rare time that I will recommend a comic. Read the Marvel comic books, they’re good! Plus if you comment you can tell me who your favorite Avenger is. Enjoy!


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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Growing up Secrets

Okay, as you and I are growing up we are going to meet people who we think are good friends, and then figure out that this friend is looking for a person that can forgive friendship mistakes that person has made. Get to know them before you engage in a friendship that will make you regret that you ever did.  

As a bookworm, I came across a book called Harry Potter by J.k Rowling. I fell in love with the people in that book. In 4th grade, I met a girl who liked the same things that I like. I thought we were going to have a bond that was like Harry’s friends. A year later I had to make myself drive through this friendship. It was the end of summer, and I suddenly never wanted to do anything with her; it was a good choice. But never make the same mistake that I made. 

Read Harry Potter 1-7 if you  haven’t read it. It goes well with this lesson.

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Meet a fellow Tween.

Hi people who are reading my blog. I hope that you will enjoy my  story as I take you on a ride  that could be kind of whimsical. As much as any other kids in the world, I  enjoy books, writing, and music. I will also list books that I like and give insight on books that I have read.  As any blogger in the world, I will keep you posted on growing up.  Please, if you read this, and comment on it, make sure that they are nice comments, not mean ones. We do not want any cyber bulling .

Okay, have any of you read Hello God, It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume.  If not , it is about growing up from a girl’s point of view . It is about first kisses, life, and that changing  point of life, the period. As any of you know, everyone has questions about growing up. I have a thousand questions. Well enjoy your day!

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